Hello Ruthvik Reddy, thank you for your groundbreaking performance in Vijay Kumar Das’ film “LIFE – A True Blessing”. How were you approached for the part?

Hello! I was initially offered another feature film, but before doing it I somehow felt to do a short film. As the world was going through the pandemic, doing a feature film might be risky, then the director gave me options on different scripts. For me, Life: A True Blessing was the best one. After the first 5 minutes of hearing the narration, I said yes and went ahead.

What made you want to play the character —or characters?

It was a challenge for me to act like a girl and like a boy. Then, i was struck by the importance of conveying a message to society regarding depression, suicidal thoughts, female harassment and looking down on them, humiliation, no girl child —and gender change.

How did you and Vijay Kumar Das construct this duality? Did the Director know exactly what he wanted, did you bring your ideas in as well? How did you become the character/s?

Frankly telling, I only asked the director about the feel of the story. How to develop the rest of the construction of characters and their behaviour was left up to me: as a method actor, I know the intensity and the technique to get into a character’s skin.

In Western countries, we tend to lean into a convenient narrative that our women are "treated better" than, for example, they are in some parts of Asia or Africa. How would you describe the place of women in western societies, from a non-west centered perspective?

For sure, from the older generations to today, a change in society has taken place regarding women empowerment and treating them better. But, this stigma is still around and has to be changed, through encouraging school and parents at home to educate their children on how to respect one and another regardless the gender. That is when women and men get the equal stance of everything all over the world.

What was your training as an Actor? Have you worked in theatre as well as in film? Do you have any role models in your trade?

I am an an alumni from the Lee Strasberg Film Institute, New York. I’m a thorough method actor, meaning, the actor gets into the skin of the character and justifies the role. I have worked in New York in two commercials, and will soon debut in a proper Indian film (known as Bollywood) as a lead actor. My role models are Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Savitri Ganeshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachan, Chiranjeevi, Junior Ntr, Sridevi.

How was the film received in India, and what kind of conversations did it spark off?

Soon after the film was premiered, I was garnered with love, appreciation, applause and blessings from my family and friends; later came the film fraternity people and the media journalists and later again, the masses. As the film had an important topic to share with society.

What are your up and coming projects?

Next up is a Bollywood film, where I’ll debut as a hero. My first feature film this year, 2022. The film shooting is under process.

Short statement describing your vision of the post-covid cinema ?

It was all the more challenging to accomplish this project while everyone of us were fighting and recovering from the disruptions caused by COVID. It was essential for us to ensure that we keep our attitude of never giving up. I am pleased to see the world recover from the shadows of COVID and especially the world of cinema back into post COVID action. I think audiences are more interested in content-based films rather than the actor in it. They are looking for new actors, good acting and content to be entertained.


Ruthvik Reddy ACTOR

Ruthvik Reddy Kondakindi is from Hyderabad (State of Telangana), India. He studied Bachelor of Business Management in CMS, Jain University, located in Bengaluru. Ruthvik comes from a very well educated family of Doctors. He speaks Telugu, Hindi and English. Starting from a very young age, he has developed a passion for acting. He says, “I feel very comfortable and confident in front of the camera”. To realize his dream, he pursued a two year acting course from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, New York. Even though acting is his major focus, he is also a fashionista. After pursuing his acting courses, he came to India and attended many auditions. It took him a while to get an opportunity but he is a very passionate actor and is still looking for more opportunities. He wants to show his acting versatility by doing many films and entertaining his audience throughout his life. In 2021 he starred in a Music Video called ‘HUM’. In the same year, he worked in the short film called, ‘LIFE – A TRUE BLESSING’ as a lead, where he performed two characters (dual roles) effortlessly and received applause. Currently, he signed a new untitled film which is going to start soon.

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