Only online submissions via FilmFreeway are accepted

Only online submissions via FilmFreeway are accepted

All films are accepted as long as they belong to one of our main official categories.

  • Films presented in English should, if possible, contain French subtitles, but this is not compulsory.

  • Films presented in French should, if possible, contain English subtitles.

  • Any Film containing a third language or any other language (other than French or English) must contain subtitles in French or English.

  • The CWFF does not require a World Premiere, but appreciates being informed if your film is a World Premiere, an International or European Premiere (your premiere outside your country of origin), or a National Premiere.

  • All films must be submitted in at least one Main Category and may also be submitted in Additional Categories, without limit.

  • Films submitted without any main category will be ‘de facto’ disqualified without entitlement to a refund.

  • A film may be re-submitted several times in the same year, in several categories.

By submitting, you agree to the following:

  • Our Festival may use parts of your film (including trailers / teasers / posters / stills) for promotional purposes.
    Under no circumstances will we make your film available online.

  • The festival team selects a Jury made up of a minimum of 7 members chosen from the film industry, the music industry and any other artistic and cultural field unrelated to the films in competition.

  • All fees are non-transferable and non-refundable for any reason, including circumstances related to COVID that would present a case of force majeure, i.e. in the event of postponement or cancellation of the annual in-person event.

  • We do not waive any submission fees.

  • You own all the rights to the work you submit (images, sound, music and poster).

    The copyright owner must be at least 18 years old.

  • Guardians or parents may submit on behalf of minors.

  • You may not cancel your participation in the monthly or annual Competition after the Official Selection has been announced.

  • You are authorized to be represented by another person at the Annual Ceremony (signed mandate required at the entrance).

  • At our Annual Ceremony, all film excerpts from nominees and winners will be screened in digital format, and the media provided must meet standard broadcast standards.

  • All accepted and non-accepted submissions will be notified to applicants by email (check our FilmFreeway submission platform for deadlines and other updates).

  • When you submit your work to us, you give us your consent to receive written communications from time to time.

    You can unsubscribe from our list at any time.

  • Any film revised or modified after submission must be resubmitted with a new fee.

  • Your film must be non-watermarked.

  • Festival dates and times may be subject to delay or change. or subject to change.

  • If you have submitted your film as a student, we reserve the right to check the validity of your status and in the event of abuse, your film will be disqualified without refund.

  • World Film Festival in Cannes – Remember the Future reserves the right to refuse any entry and the Jury may withdraw the film from the competition at any time without having to justify the reason(s).

    The decisions of the Selection Committee and the Jury are final.

  • The categories in which there are winners vary each month depending on the submissions we receive.

  • You always retain 100% of all rights to your intellectual property.

  • World Film Festival in Cannes – Remember the Future is not responsible for copyright infringement or unauthorized use of submitted material, and any disputes must be settled by the parties concerned.

  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless our Festival. and you agree to waive all claims for monetary compensation under the from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and court costs) that may be incurred as a result of any claim relating to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. trade, credit, advertising and projection.

  • No work or artist will be discriminated against or favored on the basis of country of origin, language, age, race, education, ideology, sexual orientation or economic resources. All content, all forms, all techniques will be considered without censorship.

  • The festival does not charge screening fees for its films. By submitting via FilmFreeway, you agree NOT to request a screening fee as a prerequisite for your film’s participation in the festival, should your film be selected for the program.

World Film Festival in Cannes – Remember the Future does not accept:

  • 1

    Home movies or videos.

  • 2

    Extremist content or propaganda from religious or political organizations.

  • 3

    Films made before 2016.

  • 4

    Films must not contain pornography, racism or sexism, or offensive or defamatory statements intended to harm anyone.

  • 5

    Films must not disrespect anyone’s privacy.

  • 6
    Films with poor production standards (poor sound, lack of subtitles/captions where applicable, or video resolution below 720p HD).
  • 7
    Please do not send us cash or payments in any form electronically or via our postal address (all payments are made via FilmFreeway).
  • 8

    Please do not send us any material (e.g. DCP, DVD, posters, etc.) via our postal address.

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