4th Annual Gala
World Film Festival
in Cannes
– June 15, 2024 –

For one evening, the future and the past become one.

Screenings from 1 PM to 6 PM

Length of Mashup Selection Screenings: 50 mins.
Mashup CinemIA:
dream or nightmare?

Over the past two years, Generative Artificial Intelligence has completely short-circuited the creative processes involved in visual production. The ultimate mashup tool, AI Gen draws on millions of images on the Internet to blend them together, enabling thousands of people to put their imaginations to work without the traditional techniques of camera and pencil. Prompt art was born. But like any new tool, AI Gen can also be used by malicious people, and frightens some who see it as a threat to their jobs or to freedom.

In this program, we echo this ambivalence “Creations-Opportunities” Vs “Abuses-Deceivers”, light and darkness, by exploring dreams, nightmares and dystopias with AI mashup and prompt art creatives.

A 50-minute program by David-Julien Rahmil, Melody Bossan et Julien Lahmi

Mashup illuminated by Californian sunshine and the cream of American independent cinema. Made from over a hundred rotoscoped film extracts, The Was is a collage of improbable encounters that makes us rub our eyes at every moment to verify that what’s happening on screen is real.

The future of humanity imagined by an artificial intelligence in verve (paradox?). Axel PC invites us to this vast program with this film presenting a fictitious festival with a retro look. More than a warning or an alarmist statement, it’s a visual and aural journey where notions of past, present and future are blurred to make way for genuine timeless questions…

Like a psychedelic journey in reverse, ymoR explores Romy Schneider’s childhood, troubled by her parents’ membership of the Nazi movement. The film makes sparing use of AI tools to better interrogate the opposing forces tormenting the actress, giving the images an ambivalent edge. When a truth can’t be shown, it becomes a monster.

This mythical sequence from The Simpsons episode 22 Short Films About Springfield has become a meme on the Internet. It has been repeated and remixed hundreds of times, no doubt because of its utter absurdity. In this version, AI inpainting is used to change the appearance of the characters and give the sequence a nightmarish feel.

Gagnant du prix du public à Gen48 et sélectionné dans de nombreux festivals, ce court métrage réalisé par Mind Wank nous plonge dans une réflexion avec humour de ce qu’être un artiste I.A. veut dire.

In Yeti Life Unchained, the Yeti narrates the story of his life through the turbulent history of the Himalayas to his expatriation to the USA after a career in communist propaganda films. A touching and original narrative by the talented Carlos Norgaard.

At Capitol, all your worries melt away and you can let yourself go. Fun, food, sex – it’s all accessible. And best of all, thanks to the Dream Machine, you can relive your best memories in great detail. There’s just one price to pay…

Alice’s father has built a strange machine that allows her to plunge into a fantastic world… This trailer, halfway between Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix, uses the voice of actress Florence Pugh as narrator. As the author explains, this short film is a glimpse of a vision he hopes to bring to life with a real team of people passionate about AI.

Midnight Odyssey is one of the first short films made entirely with AI by the Franco-American artistic duo Ethereal Moon (Ethereal Gwirl & LeMoon). It takes us back to the Dark Fantasy films of the 80s with nostalgia, following the adventures of Princess Moxie Dawn.

Evening ceremony : Program

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Busts of famous movie characters, set elements, figurines & film accessories…

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