Nice meeting you Fadi Awad. Please tell us a little about how you became a musician.

Nice to meet you too and thank you for hosting me in this interview. I started as a DJ in the late 80s, then learned musicology and gradually became a producer, songwriter, music composer, and humbly awarded in all these fields.

What made you want to direct your music videos? What is the relation between film and music, in your opinion ?

The music inspires the video theme and vice versa. This is what makes me direct my videos and do both, the music and the video, for making the whole project as fitting as possible in order for it to be successful.

How do you see the fact that some musicians will dwell in a specific “genre”, while others feel like exploring all styles of music ?

Being an old school student, I can say that everyone back then used to learn all the music genres. It would take a big test from all music genres to be able to work at a respected radio station or a nightclub, regardless which style you wanted to play. So personally, this is how I loved the beautiful from every genre that popped up from the late 80s until today… These days, everything is different and yes, there are one-genre musicians who either are still young in the industry, or simply love to perform and produce only one genre and give it all, and that’s not wrong in my opinion, it’s up to everyone’s choice…

How long did it take you to complete the “Raise My Dust” video, what did you learn from that shoot ?

It took about a month… I learned that my idea of mixing the orchestra scene there with some nature scenes was successful and gave a good impact…

How do you feel about the “main” streaming platforms’ attitude towards independent musicians, such as very low revenue per stream ? Do you know of Bandcamp, if so, what’s your take on the platform, as “opposed” to strictly streaming sites ?

I don’t currently work with Bandcamp. Honestly speaking, my team and I focus mostly on radio, TV plays, and national charts. That’s where the real listeners are. We have presence on all main streaming platforms and digital stores, and many of my tracks were highly ranked in their charts. But for the past few years, we have changed our business policy and are no longer focusing on the streaming platforms and digital stores…

How do you feel about associating various artforms with the term “Industry” ?

I feel good, because they are related after all.

What do you hope you’ll bring to your audiences when you release a track? And what’s your take on the notion of “Art with intention” ?

My tracks mostly inspire peace, love, positivity, motivation, and happiness. This is very needed these days and music for me was always a way to spread these vibes worldwide. Finally, I’d like to thank you for this interview and share my main link that I consider an extended updated business card, where you can find all about me and where everyone can follow my news and updates:



Fadi Awad is a Canadian multi-awards winner music artist as well as a Billboard, Music Week, and a multi-chartered one, who’s awarded as a music composer, songwriter, DJ, and producer. In the industry since 1986, he studied music & orchestration, High Studies in International Business Management, and holds a profile full of valuable records & honorable titles.

Raise My Dust (Extended Live Mix) has won the Gold Award as Best Original Score at The Hollywood Gold Award, Best Music Video Award in Paris International Film Festival and in Santa Monica Short Film Festival, as well as Best Composer Of The Future Award at Cannes World Film Festival. Many of Fadi’s achievements were published by top media institutions worldwide such as Reuters, USA Today, FOX, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, KTVN, WRDE, HTV, WRCBtv, KTVA, Telemundo, Wall Street Journal, The MarketWatch, Huffington Post, The Province, Examiner, Cosmo Press Magazine, Elucid Magazine, Billboard, Yahoo News, Metro Liberte, Le Figaro, London Journal, New York Age, The Los Angeles Tribune, and more… “I’m not competing with anyone, I’m just adding my flavor to the Industry and ready to collaborate with all who are seriously interested”, says Awad. To know more about Fadi’s career, news, achievements, please refer to his main page:


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