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Welcome to our Hybrid Festival!

World Film Festival in Cannes organizes a monthly and annual competition of all genres for international filmmakers, qualifier on IMDb and dedicated to feature films, short films, independent films, documentaries, experimental films, animated films, music videos, screenwriters, songwriters, singers and bands, commercials, Web/TV series and much more.

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Submissions for 2025 are now open!

The “Luciole d’Or” (Golden Firefly), which epitomizes the “World Film Festival in Cannes”, is on a mission — to unearth rare gems, highlighting a New Generation of emerging talents and a Future Wave of Filmmakers deserving greater visibility and recognition.

The monthly format allows creative people to express themselves as often as possible, and to be in tune with what is happening in the world.
“Best of Future” screenings are organized every month, and a red carpet photocall is set up each month for the crews of the films being screened in the cinema of our partner “Cineum Cannes“, the new temple of cinema on the French Riviera, where the public comes to vote for their favorite films to determine the Audience Award.

Luciole d'Or - World Film Festival in Cannes

World Film Festival in Cannes – Stars & Celebrities


World Film Festival in Cannes –  Competition

The Festival Jury, made up of 7 members from the film and music industries and other artistic and cultural fields, with no connection to the films in competition, will reward the best films in each category through private screenings.

The films chosen for the “Best of Future” selection by the jury will be presented to the public during monthly screenings at “Cineum Cannes”.

The public will vote for their favorite films, best representing the Future Wave of Cinema.

These votes are counted once a year, and a “Best of Future – Audience Award” will be presented to the winner of the year at our annual event.

We will also host a Q&A with filmmakers able to attend (in-person and virtual screenings).

Note: The WORLD FILM FESTIVAL IN CANNES does not require a world premiere, but appreciates being informed if your film is a world premiere, an international or European premiere (your premiere outside your country of origin), or a national premiere.

World Focus

Part of our mission is to highlight Films and Documentaries (Short & Feature) from Filmmakers covering the following themes:

Monthly Competition

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Come and discover the films
in the Best of Future 2024 selection
Monthly in Cannes

Vote for the film you think best represents the Future Wave of Cinema, and enter it for the “Best of Future –  Audience Award”!

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Submissions for 2025 are

Now open!

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